La Vie en Rose in Au Mouton Blanc

La Vie en Rose is a Global worldmusic group playing divers music ranging from latin Turkish Celtic to Salsa and Gypsy music. Lucas Amor violinist and composer found this group nearby 20 years ago.
Since then Sylvia van Swieten, Paul Rijnders, Alan McLachlan, Meriam Stokman and many others join La Vie en Rose. They are based in Amsterdam Holland and in Amboise in France, but are playing around in Spain, Germany, China lately in Bali, France Swiss and other countries.

Lucas Amor (zang/viool)
Sylvia van Swieten (zang/percussie)
Alan Mc Lachlan (gitaar)
Marco Willems (drums)
Paul Rijnders (Bas)
Paul Heynen (toetsen)

Vrijdag 15 okt. | Jeker Jazz 2010 | Grandcafé Au Mouton Blanc | 22.00 u.

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